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Scaled Agile Framework SAFe

How VersionOne Supports SAFe

Configurable Planning Hierarchy

Configurable Planning Hierarchy

Use the best SAFe configuration for your organization. VersionOne’s flexible planning hierarchy makes it easy to use any mix of SAFe configurations, from Essential SAFe to Full SAFe.

Strategic Themes

Align strategy to execution. Group your epics by strategic theme and visualize them in various contexts to determine if your plans are in consistent with your business strategy.

SAFe Portfolio Bubble Chart

Budgets (Lean Budgets)

Lean Budgets

Ensure financial accountability while maintaining delivery speed and flexibility. Allocate budgets by value stream and/or strategic theme, in terms of capacity, percentages, or currency.

Portfolio Item Kanbans & Backlogs

Provide structure and visibility for solid decision making throughout your SAFe organization. From Portfolio to Team, nested kanbans help you visualize and manage the flow of value.

Portfolio Kanban



Understand and communicate your near-term plan of intent. Roadmaps provide context around current and planned priorities to internal and external stakeholders.

WSJF ranking

Always know what you should be working on. Use VersionOne’s built-in WSJF ranking to continually prioritize based on the economics of product development flow.

WSJF Ranking

PI Objectives

Team & Program PI Objectives

Commit to and track business outcomes. In VersionOne’s PI planning environment, establish Team level objectives and stretch objectives, as well as Program-level objectives.

PI Planning

Plan your program increments with confidence. VersionOne’s PI Planning environment gives you a single place to do capacity planning, create PI objectives, allow teams to take on work, and validate planning on the Program Board.

PI Planning

Program & Solution Boards

Program Board & Solution Board

Understand and manage cross-team dependencies within and across your program increments. The Program and Solution boards help you validate your plans during PI planning and manage them throughout PI execution.

Built-In Quality

Build quality into your solutions. Through a rich set of native and integration capabilities, VersionOne supports proven engineering practices, including collective code ownership, source code management, pair programming, TDD, ATDD, continuous integration, and refactoring.



Delivery at a Glance

Continuous Delivery

Watch value flow all the way to your customer. Powered by VersionOne Continuum, Delivery at a Glance lets you watch work items increase in maturity as they flow through your value streams, so that you never lose the connection between your features and the code that makes them a reality.

SAFe Metrics & Visualizations

Measure value delivery and process improvement. From Kanban boards, to the Epic Progress Measure, to the Program Predictability report, VersionOne has an array of SAFe metrics and visualizations, as well as valuable dashboards and scorecards.




Plan without distractions. PlanningRooms are configurable environments that allow planning teams at various levels to focus on what’s most important to them.


Keep agile teams focused. TeamRoom is a dedicated team-based planning and tracking environment that allows ScrumXP and Kanban teams to work side-by-side within the same release train, while staying focused on getting Done.


Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Share knowledge across your SAFe organization. Communities provide a secure, centralized place where you can publish best practices, agreements, and other supporting documents – right within VersionOne.


Collaborate in context. Conversations allows team members, stakeholders, and others to actively collaborate about anything related to a work item, and to keep track of related discussions.


SAFe 4.5 with VersionOne

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SAFe 4.5 with VersionOne

See VersionOne’s unparalleled support for SAFe at all levels of the enterprise.


“As organizations build increasingly complex and sophisticated software systems the methods and practices used to organize and manage software delivery need to keep pace. VersionOne helps organizations apply agile at scale with particular focus on portfolio planning, program execution and team level support.”

Dean Leffingwell
Scaled Agile Framework Creator